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High quality and traditional cold meat specialities and cured ham production


High quality cold meat specialities leave nothing to luck or chance. It is something intimately bound up with the land, the landscape, its people, their traditions... This is the day-to-day of this industry in the province of Segovia.

Segovia’s altitude provides a land bordered by mountainous regions, which along with the dry weather make the perfect environment for the production of cold meat specialities, such as chorizo and cured ham.

More than 50 years ago Florencio Sancho, our father, drew on the lessons learned from the land and his ancestors to approach this handcrafted task.

Nowadays, the adventure is still alive: his sons learned the job and contributed to the success of the business. From small beginnings, Hijos de Florencio Sancho SL is now one of Segovia's leading innovators and has achieved a high quality end product.